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Services – Searching Public Records Canada Wide

Services Details

FULL HISTORY PROPERTY SEARCH: A property title search will report the registered owner and details of ownership and outstanding encumbrances. In addition we will provide a full history of changes of ownership as far back as requested or as far as available records permit. This history can also apply to mortgages and/or liens that were registered in the past and since discharged. All the same information is included as in the property sub-search also.

PROPERTY SUB-SEARCH OF TITLE: Ordered most frequently of all available search options. Our property sub-search will provide the registered owner(s) of a given property, the date acquired, legal description, and purchase price. In addition we will report on any liens or encumbrances and related documents such as mortgages, and amendments, pending litigation, work orders, constructions liens and details associated with each instrument.

OWNERSHIP/ TENANCY CONFIRMATION: This search will confirm who the registered owner on a given address is. ( not available in all provinces) Also if given a name we can check to see if any properties are owned by that name.

PERSONAL PROPERTY SECURITY REGISTRATIONS: This search will cover details of any liens secured on the personal property of a person or business. Personal property is considered to be anything other than real estate. liens can be registered against cars, trucks, boats, trailers, machinery, furniture, appliances, inventory, and accounts receivables etc.

CORPORATION SEARCH: Details of the Corporation including registration date and number of directors and officers their names and home addresses, positions and dates appointed- address of registered head office.

BUSINESS SEARCH: Name and address of owner, date registered, address of business and expiry date.

EXECUTION SEARCH: Details of judgments obtained and filed with the sheriff’s office including registration dates plaintiff, defendant, dates, amount of lien etc.

PENDING LITIGATION/ or LITIGATION: Searching in the courts for civil suits including wrongful dismissal, unpaid money, auto accidents, divorce, etc. Details of the file and matters can be obtained whether or not a judgment was obtained.

BANKRUPTCY SEARCH: Whether or not a corporation or individual has been or is going bankrupt and details of the file.

CORPORATE NAME OR TRADEMARK SEARCH: Search to see if a name is taken and provide appropriate recommendation for registration.

CREDITOR INFORMATION BUNDLE: This report allows you to do a number of searches at a time revealing invaluable information. These searches are often performed before extending credit, or if default has occurred or even if you want to do a complete background check before entering into a business relationship with someone. Call to find out how you can save when multiple searches are being requested as the same time.